Prepare the product

Clean it!!! Would you buy something that was dirty? Check for stains rips or missing buttons, you’re always better to be honest as you may have an angry buyer messaging you if you fail to disclose flaws.


Detailed Descriptions

Include important information including measurements, age, features of the product and any detail you feel is a selling point. Grade the level of the product of wear.

New with Tags – Like New – Gently Used – Some Wear


Take photos from multiple angles in good lighting, take the photo in front of a window or outside. Cell phone pics are fine just make sure they are clear and bright with minimal stuff in the background. Take close-ups of details, important markings, and damaged areas. A picture of your jeans hanging off the side of the couch isn’t going to cut it. Nobody’s going to buy something if it looks ugly. Model it, Flaunt ’em like a supermodel. The goal is to sell them – not to make them look like something you don’t want.


Be realistic Second hand is Second Hand You will be lucky to get half of what you paid and a third is more likely. If An item is overpriced it won’t sell. If you don’t know what your item is worth spend some time researching, google, ebay, kijiji, Facebook Buy & Sell Groups. Always remember that selling secondhand items means that you won’t always get the price you put on it. People love to make deals so be willing to drop your price some. In other words, price your item with wiggle room for bargaining.

Be Available

Before you list an item make sure that you have both the Facebook app and the Facebook messaging app downloaded to your Smartphone. Make sure you also go to your smartphone’s settings and allow notifications. You could also do this on a tablet if you for some reason don’t own a smartphone. If you plan to use Kijiji download there app or make sure your emails are coming to your phone.

People want instant access to you to answer questions and set up pick up.

Pick Up

Some people prefer pickups at their house while others prefer a public place like a busy parking lot. Have faith in your buyers, while some are shady the majority of us love buying and selling and would not dare anger the admins and get kicked of the buy and sell groups. When arranging a pickup spot choose what works for you and be safe!


This guide was written as a suggestion to sell your things and get the most amount possible if your tired already from just reading this and the thought of all that work terrifies you bring your things to us and we will pay you on the spot or offer Consignment options.

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