Why Should You Consign with us

Our track record shows that we sell these items sometimes within minutes. We have been listening to our customers and we feel this is the next step in giving you what you want!

Why should you entrust us with your Grad, Wedding, Even wear and high-end items?

We have an amazing website.

We have an in-house stylist that will hand select your items to show to our customers.

We will market & merchandise your items magnificently.

Our social media presence is strong.

We LOVE what we do and we do it well because it’s our passion.

How do you Consign with us?

Call the store to book a consignment appointment, 403-526-7677

In the appointment, we will look over your things and let you know how much we can sell them for and what your portion would be. We do a consignment split of 60% to Dress Your Lashes and 40% to you. If you agree to the prices we then fill out the paperwork, it takes around 20 min for the entire process depending on how many items you bring in. Our Consignment term is 12 months. When the consignment term is up or your items have sold we will contact you by text to let you know what was sold and how much money will be sending you, by either EMT or Cash to be picked up. Any unsold items will be returned to you or you can donate to the Local Women’s Shelter. We have an agreement with the Women’s Shelter, they pick up directly from us.


Do you buy high-end dresses, shoes or purses?

Sorry, we won’t buy high-end event dress but we will sell it for you on consignment. High-end purses and shoes we will also sell on consignment. We do purchase Medium to High-end items. Please see our PreLoved Standards under the info Tab for more info on condition and brands we accept.

Do you rent out dresses?

No. But consider purchasing from us and then you can contact us about consigning the dress with us after your event.

What percentage do you take?

We take 60%.

Do you take special occasion dresses (bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride, gala)?

Yes we do, we are selective with special occasion dresses that we choose to accept. We’re happy to look at anything so book an appointment and we will let you know then if it is suitable.

Do you consign jewelry/shoes?

Jewelry we buy on the spot, shoes depending on the brand we may buy on the spot or consign if they are a high end brand name.

What price will you list my dress at?

Approximately half of what you originally paid for it. A little more or a little less depending on the condition, age of dress, size, style, etc.

Does my dress have to be dry cleaned?

Not necessarily. It needs to be visibly clean. We will assess in person at your appointment. Please check with us before Drycleaning as we don’t want you to go to the expense unless its financially worth it for you.

Do I have to book an appointment to drop off a dress for consignment?

Yes. Phone or message us through our facebook page 403-526-7677.

How long do you keep dresses for?

Our consignment period is 12 months, Most dresses will sell before the 12 months is up but we do 12 months to make sure we cover Bride and Grad seasons.

How long will it take for my dress to sell?

Some dresses sell within weeks (even before they’re up on the website) and some take months Because we’re not like typical stores that can order in a specific size of a specific dress for someone, it’s a matter of finding that perfect match – style-wise, size-wise, and budget-wise. It’s kind of like finding a spouse. It doesn’t matter how pretty and wonderful you are, some people will get married really quickly and some take years to find their perfect match.

Can I pop in to browse your dresses?

Yes, you can come to look durring our store hours, we do require one of our staff to help you get into the dresses as they are delicate and can be ripped if mishandled.

Appointments are required for Grad and Eventwear Consignment, Appointment can be made by calling the store or sending us an email or message through our facebook page.