What is a Stylist Appointment?

A stylist appointment is a one on one session with Shelley to find out exactly who you are, what your needs are and what will work for your specific lifestyle.

We offer a private stylist room just for you and Shelley to get to know each other.  When you book an appointment with Shelly, here is what you can expect:

*She will sit down with you and chat for a few minutes about your sizes, your lifestyle, your profession, your personal tastes and get to know your day to day life.  

*We want you to come into the appointment with an open mind and be willing to look outside the box & be open to the process.

*This appointment will 100% be about your style and no one else’s.  

*You will get to shop the store and pick out items that you will try on in the appointment.  Shelley will also select items for you to try.

*Shelley will teach you her best styling tips such as dressing for your body type, proportions, using structure pieces and some do’s and don’ts to help you.

*She will also teach you about footwear, jewelry, button front dresses & tops plus MUST HAVES for every girl.

*If we don’t have the Home Work items (YES, we give you homework to do), we tell you where you can find them.

*Shelley will do a follow up (only if you want) to see how you are doing after the appointment and if you found your homework items.


“I will help you find it, love it and wear it with confidence”!

Call today to book Your Complimentary Appointment  403-526-7677