Our Bargain Basement Thrift Shop Is OPEN!

At DYL Fashions, we believe in giving back to our community while promoting sustainable fashion. That's why we built a thrift store in the basement of our consignment boutique. This unique addition supports the Women's Shelter and offers Fashion Vouchers to local charities dedicated to helping vulnerable women. By shopping with us, you're not only discovering fantastic deals but also contributing to a greater cause. Our thrift section provides an affordable fashion option for local women on a tight budget, ensuring everyone can enjoy stylish, quality clothing. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift women in our community, one beautiful piece at a time.

What do we need?

Womens Clothing


Shoes & Boots


Hats & Scarfs


Support Our Cause by Dropping Off Donations Anytime, Or Message Below to Schedule a Pickup

622 3rd St SE Medicine Hat

Make your shopping count! With each purchase, we donate 25% of our profits to local Womens Shelter and provide vouchers to organizations helping Vulnerable Women in need.

Contact us if you have any questions