What do we take?

Women’s clothing


Purses, Wallets

Costume Jewelry 


Gowns & Eventwear

We only accept Designer Brands, High Quality Fabrics and Vintage Items

Consignment Split

$0 – $120   50-50 Split

$120 – $498  60-40 in your favor

$499 +  70-30 In Your Favor

Bring us your 20 best items

Consignment appointments are approximately 15 minutes, we evaluate the items  and let you know what they can be sold for and what your payout will be. If you agree you sign a contract for 6 months. Within one week you will receive a detailed contract by text message with a break down of all your items, what they will be sold for and what you will get when they sell. We pay by EMT at the beginning of the month for all items sold in the previous month